I’m going to be at Staple in Austin Sept 8th and 9th!

and I’ve been in prep and refine mode and also was sick upon returning from Afest ( haha.. ha.. ) so there ya go :C That was also why I didn’t stream the Friday before last, DISEASE.

Unfortunately I will have to be dealing with some family issues as soon as staple is over, and right before ( yup ), and i have another event also Local, at the end of this month , where I will be doing a Panel on webcomics with another individual. ( At the Pflugerville Library in Texas )

*AND* Following that weekend,  I will be out of town for my grandmother’s funeral. If all goes well we will be able to start updating as October starts ( or the monday before ), but we may be starting to update again 8th, but i’m hoping to start on the 1st. I’m working to also make sure we have a decent buffer rather than *Every* page getting delayed *all* the time.