HEre is some Fanart by Fakafon!!! <3

Firstly: thank you guys for all your kind words since the last post. I did read them, although its hard for me still to even look at the post. (it’s been hard in general, I don’t know if I will get another dog. ) I really really appreciate the sentiments. I wish I had more updates for you lovely people.

Progress on rewrites is going pretty slowly… My advice for other creators is have your script at least completely outlined. Changes happen as you go that’s inevitable but, Alot of the Ferrin was entirely unscripted, and its only recently that there’s been a significant outline.

Consequently Chapter 3 and for 4 may be truncated together an edited, so be aware that might happen!  Chapter 11 is also slowly going, I just.. bit off way to much for me to actually do this summer. Between prop making, scripts, volunteer work, and school, I’ve barely had time to mentally cool down, let alone work on the comic’s chapter 11.. ;-;

You can see some of the volunteer work up on my Patreon if your curious.