Hey Everyone, Thank you so much for the warm welcome back!

Unfortunately I am apparently a lot like a bird, in that I don’t show my pain very easily. Especially online. When I went on the first Hiatus, there was holidays and family issues occurring, it was extended when these issues got worse, and not better. On the morning of Feburary 9th, my grandmother passed away, drawing the events from thanksgiving 2017 to onward, to a close. Consequently for me, a lot of what was in prep for everyone… is still partially in prep. A new chapter 1, an upcoming anthology release, new background and site pieces. If you are on my Patreon than you likely saw the news, as it even affected that too.

So in the interest of continuing to give you guys updates, and also the shiny new things ( like a new chapter 1 ) , and not starve my other active projects ( Patreon, Anthology ) or myself, mentally, The Ferrin will be updating, every other week. I am really, really sorry about it, BUT I’d rather do this, than give you nothing for a month, or in two months, burn completely the hell out and crash hard.

I also going to be attending a local con in about a month, so more information to follow for that.